A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

ICE! - A game where you try to cover as much ground in your paint as possible in 2 minutes! When it's wet, be careful, you can get stuck on the other penguin's wet paint! WASD and arrow keys to move, arrows keys and enter to navigate the menu! Good luck!

The game was made in 100% golang using the Pixel library https://www.github.com/faiface/pixel and art done by 2 friends Zyviireon and https://github.com/guillaumeboudreau .

Install instructions

Nothing special, should run on linux out of the box. Go to https://www.github.com/hunterkepley/ice if you want the source, you can easily build it on other platforms because of the beautiful Golang!


ice-fed64.zip 1 MB
Ice-w64.zip 1 MB